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About us

Our company was founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of GK Software SE. Since then, we have built a reputation as one of the leading IT companies in the Pilsen Region. We develop applications for international retail chains around the world. At the same time, we are dedicated to the research of new technologies, which we then use to develop innovative IT solutions for our customers.

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worldwide installations
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What we do

We are developing for the whole world
Our solutions are used by retail chains worldwide. Imagine all the processes that take place against the background of usual shopping in a food or clothing store. Paying at the cash register is just a small fraction of the whole system.

Java, Windows Server, Linux, SAP HANA, Oracle, MS SQL, Derby, Tomcat, Active MQ, Spring, UI5, Jenkins, GIT, Sonar, Nexus
Cloud solution

We are dedicated to developing an innovative solution based on cloud technologies and artificial intelligence. Our goal is to become a leading provider of cloud solutions.

Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, SQL Server, Tomcat, Linux
Shopping of the future

We are dedicated to researching and developing new technologies. That's how we try to panticipate the future trends in software development. Now we are developing innovative scanless shopping by GK GO.

Technological areas:
- Virtual reality / Augmented reality / Mixed reality, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Cloud native techniques, Speech recognition, Cloud4retail, Retail AI, Java cloud microservices


We are currently looking for new colleagues for the following positions:

Do you find us interesting, but currently have not found a suitable job? Contact us at recruiting@eurosoftware.cz.


Body & Mind Balance Center

For our employees we run our own sports center located directly in the building of Kalikovský mlýn. So employees can relax during the whole day with squash or regular sports lessons:

  • Squash
  • Yoga
  • TRX
  • Healthy back
    Healthy back


We have long-term cooperation with students and graduates. We offer students the opportunity to gain experience in the following positions:

This is where students can gain their first experience in development, being engaged primarily in design and development of useful internal applications for our employees. Students can accommodate their working hours to match their school timetables and during the school examination period we comply with their needs.
Final year students can join our team of experienced developers who help our students use their school knowledge during their first months of practice and take part in developing software for our customers worldwide.